About us

We enjoy experiencing new things and meeting interesting, creative and motivated people.

Our feeling is that a big and multicultural city such as Madrid offers infinite possibilities to explore our most creative side, and we would like to share our unconventional leisure proposals with a community of likeminded people. Madrid has now become a city that has nothing to envy those that have traditionally been considered as the capitals of the alternative and hip.

It’s about experimenting, trying, searching, in short, it’s about living to the full the opportunities this great city brings us!


I am of Chinese origin, Parisian by birth and Madrileño by adoption. I arrived to Madrid 9 years ago and have been unable to leave since. I love the people, the food, the bars, the culture and how lively this city is.
Music is my passion and I love mixing in my free time. A section will be dedicated in this blog to share my obsession.
My motto in life at the moment is: Experience something different!


Asturian by birth, Madrileña by residence and Citizen of the World by choice. After several years living abroad and on maternity leave from the social scene, I am now rediscovering my city.
I love travelling, reading, eating, trying new restaurants, walking, finding spots off the beaten track and experiencing new ways of having fun.
My motto at the moment is: There is life after having kids!
Let’s reconcile our social life with parenthood and learn to enjoy the city, with or without children!

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