Thursday, 28 February 2013

Crowdfunding campaign for a dome @ Campo de Cebada!

Campo de Cebada is a site,  in the heart of La Latina, managed by the neighborhood association AVECLA, that offers all kind of cultural and social activities for the general public.

They are looking for funding to build a geodesic dome, with a capacity for about 200 people, in which to organise free cultural events proposed by people in the neighbourhood.

The idea is to build it using recycled materials and involving different groups and citizens of Madrid, so that it becomes an space which can be enjoyed and used by everyone.

If you would like more information on how to help finance this project, please click here.

So far, they have collected 4,335 € between more than  149 participants, although their objective is to reach 6,000 €.

Here is a list of the rewards you might get according to the amount of funding provided:


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

La decorosa vida de los Stuart

La decorosa vida de los Stuart, directed by Lidio Sánchez Caro and starring Naim Thoman and Mónica Caballero is playing at Teatro Arenal in Madrid.

In today's times of economic and political crisis, 'La decorosa vida de los Stuart' is a criticism, from a humorous perspective, of the capitalist system and of the loss of the ethical principles that should be present in every society.

From the outside, the Stuart family, where Dad is a prosperous business man, Mum, a successful fashion designer, and their daughter, a university student, is the spitting image of professional and social success. However, not everything is what it seems, and, as the plot unfolds, we discover that lies, intrigues and complete lack of ethics are the foundations from which this family has built its success.

1st anniversary of PhotoBook Club Madrid

Although, these days everything, seems to be going digital, there are still some things that, luckily, cannot be extrapolated to mobile phones or tablets without losing their soul. That is the case of photography books, which retain their essence in spite of technological advances.

PhotoBook Club Madrid  was created last February, so that all of those who relish the color, smell, texture and meaning of photography books could share their passion.

On February 28th, PhotoBook Club Madrid celebrates its first birthday by inviting us to a very special evening at BlankPaper (c/ Nao, 4 -3º). The idea is to become photography book editors for a night, using our own pictures or somebody else's. This is their proposal:
It is very easy. Using a photocopier, a scanner or printing, you can make a booklet by folding the pages in half. If you feel like it, you can bind the pages with a stapler, a string or even sewing them. There are no rules, no limits, the objective is to enjoy the creative process and share it. The size, number of pages, content, and binding process are entirely up to you, but it has to be on paper. Please bring something that you can present in 5 minutes.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Gonzalo Puertas: Photographer

I met Gonzalo Puertas at a networking breakfast organised by Likemind Madrid at mmmfood. 

He showed me some of his work and I really like how he approaches photography, the way he works with  colours, the singularity of the characters he depicts ... His art is really something!

Here are some examples:

We were discussing the possibility of exhibiting his work at my place. Let's see if we can make it!

JustMad4 Emerging Art Fair

Last weekend, I attended JustMad4, an art fair for emerging artists taking place at the same time as Arco, the international contemporary art fair in Madrid. It was held in the parking of designer Hotel Silken Puerta America from February 14th to 17th.

I was invited by Rafael from Arts Coming, a new cultural enterprise that works in the production, promotion, dissemination and sale of works created by modern artists. An enterprise that is just a little different, one that works with artists to produce new pieces that are significant in the creators’ conceptual process but have not materialized previously. These works are made in small format for a new art market, works of great value at affordable prices.

Follow them on Facebook!

Another artist from Madrid drove my attention, Alicia Moneva and her pictures of women in a bathtube. 

Likemind networking breakfast @ mmmfood

Last Friday morning, I took part in a networking breakfast event, organised by Likemind Madrid, at  mmmfood  . It is a great way for meeting like-minded people who work in design, advertising, art, marketing etc.

mmmfoodlocated in Calle Duque de Rivas, 5, 28012 Madridis a new catering concept created by interior designer Elena de Miguel. Food is not just understood as food, but also as part of the decoration, something to enjoy with all five senses. At mmmfood, they personalise their caterings according to the project, providing a unique and unforgettable experience. mmmfood believes "we are what we eat", so all their products are 100% natural, organic and produced by local suppliers.

Their breakfast networking events take place the same day of the month,  in more than 70 cities worlwide, with the excuse of drinking good coffee and having a good breakfast. It is definitely worth attending if you are looking to meet people with similar interests and ideas. 
  • Who is it for? People like you
  • What is it? An opportunity to enjoy coffee and conversation
  • Why go? Because drinking good coffee with likeminded people is fun
  • When does it happen? The third friday of every month
  • Where? All over the world 

La Carnicería, a new way of exhibiting photographs

Teresa Jiménez and Gema Arias, with their project La Carnicería, offer us a different way of bringing photograpy to the public.

La Carnicería, following its motto “with art, life is better”, has arrived to the Mercado de Antón Martín, with a temporary photography event taking place in an authentic butcher's stand!

Don't miss it! From February 20th to 23rd, at stand 35 of Mercado de Antón Martín, you will find an array of photographs from a wide range of national and internationals artists such as Mónica de Juan, Rocío Bermejo, Elena Aguilar, Carlos Spottorno, Gianfranco Tripodo, Miqui Brightside and many more..

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Following what has been the latest trend in Paris, we are introducing a new concept to experience an art show at a private home.

The idea is to introduce another perspective that links habitat and artist. Exposing the work of the artist to different eyes and making the host an art mecenas for one night. We aim to bring art closer to people and encourage debate and cultural exchanges among the public, which might not take place in a more formal setting, like an art gallery.

On Friday the 8th we exhibited the work of American artist Andrew Abbott at my house. About 60 people came, there were wine, beers, snacks, good music and a great atmosphere.

We are looking to organise similar events in the very near future.

Stay tuned and register here for our future events.

Friday, 8 February 2013

We love cupcakes

Cupcakes, a sort of muffin imported from the US, have been the latest craze ever since they became popular, thanks to the TV series Sex and The City. Cupcake shops and classes are proliferating all over the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, and have also arrived to Madrid. 

What do these muffins have that everyone is crazy about them? After all, they are just that, muffins, although with some decoration on top. The truth is they are delicious, and I guess baking your own mini-cakes and decorating them has some appeal, and they look great in a party. Also, taking a basket full of cupcakes to a friend in need, just like Little Red Riding Hood, is quite a nice thing to do.

Below are the ones that my friend Elena baked for her Halloween party after taking a course at the shop Taste of America in Vallecas.

If you want to know more about cupcakes, I recommend you read the blog Objetivo: Cupcake Perfecto, written by Alma, who is crazy about them, and not only bakes them, but teaches you how to make your own!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Manuela's hats

Finding someone who has a gift is always interesting. That is Manuela Romero, hat maker, whose creations are brilliant and original. Art is in her genes, daughter of a painter and a sculptor, she went to Art School and has been working in fashion for the last 15 years.

Her hats and head-dresses have been featured in films, musicals, theatre plays and ballets. Lately, her work has appeared in the film Blancanieves (Pablo Berger), in which she has worked alongside Paco Delgado, and which has won, among several others, the Gaudi Award to Best Costumes.

Her shop in calle Gabriel Lobo, 18, Madrid, has a retro-vintage touch that I love. It is like transporting yourself to the workshop of a seamstress from the 30s or 40s. You will always find that special accessory that you are looking to wear at a wedding or special event, or just because you like "chic". From hats to head-dresses, bags, brooches, at Manuela's shop you will find any accessory you can imagine.

As well as her own designs, Manuela also sells accessories that she finds in fairs and markets, and that she restores herself. They are properly vintage objects chosen with very good taste and care.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Elmyr de Hory: Proyecto Fake

From February 6th until May 12th, there will be an exhibit about Elmyr de Hory at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

Elmyr de Hory was a very infamous art forger whose works of art were shown in museums all over the world under the names of renowned artists like Picasso, Degas or Modigliani.

Through the story of Elmyr de Hory, the exhibit aims to explore where the limits are between true and false, creation and fake, inviting us to reflect about plagiarism as an artistic manifestation.

Yoga for children

 I quite like yoga and love practicing it with the kids.

Yoga develops both body and mind, and it can be a very beneficial exercise for the children's muscles and spinal cord, as well as for training their equilibrium. The different yoga postures work the muscles all over the body and teach the children how to maintain a correct posture. Yoga also teaches them how to breathe slowly with the abdomen, so that they learn how to relax and calm down.

As most of the postures refer to animals and things you find in nature, they are quite fun for children to learn and, given the great flexibility children have, they get them pretty easily.

A few days ago I went to a yoga with children workshop organised by Dideco in their shop at calle Príncipe de Vergara.

The workshop was for children from 4 to 8 years of age and was taught by a girl from the Asociación Duendeduca, who really made a great effort to make the children enjoy the activity. Even though the space was quite small, as the workshop took place in a little corner inside the shop, she managed to make the most of the time we spent there.

First, she began with a bit of breathing and a children's version of the Sun Salutation, followed by some typical yoga postures such as the cat, the tree, the fish and the cobra.

A little bit of Om to finish, and everyone went home happy and relaxed!

Apparat concert at Mondo

Apparat is back to Madrid! After a great performance at the Dia de la Musica 2012 at Mataderos, the German electronic musician Sascha Ring is playing again at Mondo  on March 9th.

His music started out as dance floor-oriented techno, and later evolved to ambient music with beautiful sounds that make you travel to a dreamy world.

Don't miss it!

Monday, 4 February 2013

The best pizza in Madrid

I have recently discovered Pizza Napoli, in calle Pradillo, 14,  where they make the best pizzas I have tried Madrid. 

Their pizzas have been created with the help of Pizzaiolo Masters from Napoli, using authentic ingredients straight from Italy, like Caputo flour and La Torrente tomatoes, which they import  from Napoli, and the authentic fresh mozzarella of Latticini Italiana. They are prepared and cooked on demand, and the dough is stretched and worked by hand, without rolling pin, or any industrial process or product of any type.

Their restaurant is really small, just a cople of tables and a bar, not really that great for eating in, so it is best to order them to go, either by phone or directly on their webpage. Their delivery areas are the Chamartín District and some parts of Arturo Soria.

Try them if you get a chance, they are absolutely spectacular!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

The best chocolate cake in the world?

Only for chocolate lovers or those who are not afraid of calories!

This incredible cake has been imported to Madrid by Isabel and Iria, who sell it from their shop, La Mejor Tarta de Chocolate del Mundo (a translation to Spanish of the cake's name), in calle Alcalá, 89, Madrid.

Created by Portuguese Chef, Carlos Lopes, 'O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo' (The Best Chocolate Cake in the World), as he named it, was the star dessert in his Lisbonne restaurant.

There is no flour in the recipe and haute pàtisserie French chocolate Varlrhona is used in its making. It consists of layers of meringue and mousse which literally melt in your mouth. A true delicatessen!

According to Wikipedia:
'Valrhona ... is one of the leading producers of gastronomic chocolate in the world... The company also maintains the École du Grand Chocolat, a school for professional chefs with a focus on chocolate-based dishes and pastries... Valrhona focuses mainly on high-grade luxury chocolate marketed for commercial use by chefs as well as for private consumption. Though considered one of the foremost chocolate makers in the world, Valrhona is in roughly the same price range as Godiva and Neuhaus....Valrhona produces vintage chocolate made from beans of a single year's harvest from a specific plantation...'
It is a guaranteed success in any birthday party!

L'Artisan- Furansu Kitchen

A few days ago I attended the inauguration party at L'Artisan Furansu Kitchen, a new French-Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Barrio de las Letras, in Ventura de la Vega, 15, Madrid.

A new space to enjoy great food from Japan and France in a multicultural environment. Stephane a French-Japanese chef, who is also one of the owners, kindly invited us to the inauguration party. We already knew the restaurant from the Beaujolais Nouveau party last year, which was great fun.

We had a great time enjoying the cocktails and the delicious tapas. There was also a DJ set.


There was a great variety of dishes, a great mix of French cuisine and Japanese food. The house wine is really great! Highly recommended for its atmosphere, menu and decoration!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Isaac Delusion

Great discovery this week! Isaac Delusion

This record is like switching off the alarm clock just to dream for another 5 minutes. Either way, only the shadow of an airy sleep can allow someone to intermix pop, electronic, hip hop loops, folk and a funk bass, all that with an unbearable lightness.

Isaac Delusion makes sleepwalking tunes, made of dreamy ballads. Always these vague landscapes, undefinable vastness and also time that is running through our fingers. It’s a happy marriage of genres, it’s all about something spontaneous. Endless musical horizons, selecting samples and melodies on the sole criterion of emotion, and everything starts there. Then, it just makes bubbles.

The band is apart, it wanders while maintaining its identity – you can feel the “label with the elephant” philosophy floating around. A year ago, the duo barely existed : it’s an ongoing musical evolution, and our three mysterious birds are still exploring.

Midnight Sun drew its imagination from travels to Iceland and elsewhere, from experiments. All this has been amplifying lately, a few gigs in New York for CMJ Festival, Berlin, Barcelona and Warsaw, the Pitchfork Festival, Radio Nova, vinyl, encounters.

Dreams actually stick to their skin. Just like they disappear when trying to catch one of them, their music is elusive. The first release was about sun at midnight, the second is about dawn. They are already working on a full length, because light can’t stop them dreaming awake.


Friday, 1 February 2013

El Mojito

I found this alternative bar in Lavapies when I first came to Madrid, 9 years ago. Its Chilean owner, Pati, is a character. A great person with a lot of sensibility whose handcrafted toys decorate the place and make you experience a special trip to childhood and innocence. Their pisco sour is the best in town! Mixing it with some Chilean empanadas whilst you enjoy good music is a great way to start an evening or finish a harsh day,or night!!!.

A great mix of people and alternative cultural events make of this bar a place where you are guaranteed a good time in good company. I always want to come back.

Café Anglona

  • Located in a tiny street of La Latina.
  • For music, tea & coffee lovers
  • Run by Nuria and Marta
  • Cosy atmosphere, nice decoration, chill out
  • Projection of movies and concerts
  • Great homemade cakes and sweeties
Café Anglona is my favourite bar in Madrid. If you love music, tea, coffee and cocktails, this is your place! Nuria and Marta’s previous experience within the media industry makes this place very special. Chilling out on their very comfortable sofas with dim light and good music is a perfect way to spend time with your friends. It really feels like home.

Café Anglona is in a great location, La Latina, a very lively neighbourhood plagued with bars, pubs and tapas restaurants, where you can find the authenticity you are looking for. You can find it in Calle Príncipe de Anglona, 3, Madrid.