Sunday, 3 February 2013

The best chocolate cake in the world?

Only for chocolate lovers or those who are not afraid of calories!

This incredible cake has been imported to Madrid by Isabel and Iria, who sell it from their shop, La Mejor Tarta de Chocolate del Mundo (a translation to Spanish of the cake's name), in calle Alcalá, 89, Madrid.

Created by Portuguese Chef, Carlos Lopes, 'O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo' (The Best Chocolate Cake in the World), as he named it, was the star dessert in his Lisbonne restaurant.

There is no flour in the recipe and haute pàtisserie French chocolate Varlrhona is used in its making. It consists of layers of meringue and mousse which literally melt in your mouth. A true delicatessen!

According to Wikipedia:
'Valrhona ... is one of the leading producers of gastronomic chocolate in the world... The company also maintains the École du Grand Chocolat, a school for professional chefs with a focus on chocolate-based dishes and pastries... Valrhona focuses mainly on high-grade luxury chocolate marketed for commercial use by chefs as well as for private consumption. Though considered one of the foremost chocolate makers in the world, Valrhona is in roughly the same price range as Godiva and Neuhaus....Valrhona produces vintage chocolate made from beans of a single year's harvest from a specific plantation...'
It is a guaranteed success in any birthday party!

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