Tuesday, 26 February 2013

La decorosa vida de los Stuart

La decorosa vida de los Stuart, directed by Lidio Sánchez Caro and starring Naim Thoman and Mónica Caballero is playing at Teatro Arenal in Madrid.

In today's times of economic and political crisis, 'La decorosa vida de los Stuart' is a criticism, from a humorous perspective, of the capitalist system and of the loss of the ethical principles that should be present in every society.

From the outside, the Stuart family, where Dad is a prosperous business man, Mum, a successful fashion designer, and their daughter, a university student, is the spitting image of professional and social success. However, not everything is what it seems, and, as the plot unfolds, we discover that lies, intrigues and complete lack of ethics are the foundations from which this family has built its success.

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