Tuesday, 26 February 2013

1st anniversary of PhotoBook Club Madrid

Although, these days everything, seems to be going digital, there are still some things that, luckily, cannot be extrapolated to mobile phones or tablets without losing their soul. That is the case of photography books, which retain their essence in spite of technological advances.

PhotoBook Club Madrid  was created last February, so that all of those who relish the color, smell, texture and meaning of photography books could share their passion.

On February 28th, PhotoBook Club Madrid celebrates its first birthday by inviting us to a very special evening at BlankPaper (c/ Nao, 4 -3º). The idea is to become photography book editors for a night, using our own pictures or somebody else's. This is their proposal:
It is very easy. Using a photocopier, a scanner or printing, you can make a booklet by folding the pages in half. If you feel like it, you can bind the pages with a stapler, a string or even sewing them. There are no rules, no limits, the objective is to enjoy the creative process and share it. The size, number of pages, content, and binding process are entirely up to you, but it has to be on paper. Please bring something that you can present in 5 minutes.

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